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Bach Flower Essences

Healthy Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit...

We have all heard that. But how do we experience it? What does it mean? How is it relevant to my life. How does it relate to me? When we are feeling happy, positive and fulfilled, we enjoy better health.

Bach Flower Essences focus on healing the emotional body. Each of the 38 remedies discovered by Dr. Edward Bach is directed at a particular characteristic or emotional state. Selection of remedies is made during a series of questions and answers. Several different essences may be combined to treat your particular situation. This "recipe" is taken in a glass of water or juice, sipped throughout the day, and is compatible with other health products.

Bach Flower Essences will not interfere with prescription medication, homeopathic, Ayurvedic or other types of treatments. Begin your emotional healing process. Telephone consultations available by appointment.