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Aquatic Bodytherapy

Imagine the womb-like atmosphere as you lie weightless in chest-deep warm water. Your head and back are supported as you are stretched and massaged, mobilized and moved in ways that are impossible on land. This form of hydrotherapy utilizes the healing powers of water and the ancient art of shiatsu (finger pressure) to provide a multi-dimensional motion journey.

Thirty-four years as a body "detective" have taught me many things. Among them: all people have things inherently in common and all have many things different. It is these differences that have to be investigated and studied in order to find the balance that is health.

For 25 years, I practiced a form of Structural Integration based on Ida Rolf's 10-session model. Studying with one of Ida Rolf's proteges, Dub Leigh, for six years, I became a Zentherapy® practitioner and have shared hundreds of sessions of fascia realignment work with clients on a massage table. Gravity is our enemy in the long-range scheme of life. Gravity is the only constraint keeping our bodies from achieving their full freedom potential. Therefore, discovering a way to realign the body without the constraints of gravity has led me to aquatic bodywork.

With a combination of gentle massage and movement in a gravity-free environment-in a pool heated to 95 degrees, your body has a chance to find its own freedom.

In the water, gentle support and rocking, stretching and acupressure along with massage is the method I have discovered that allows body and mind to release dysfunctional holding patterns.

There is a greater sense of unity between different parts of each person's being after receiving aquatic bodywork. As a practitioner, my goal is to provide a supportive space for change to occur, a space safe enough to let go of any physical, emotional or spiritual binding that is keeping you from feeling freedom in your life.


Watsu® is a very powerful, specialized form of aquatic bodywork. Literally, "water + Shiatsu," Watsu® is Shiatsu, or the art of acupressure (Japanese finger pressure) performed in the water. Working along acupuncture meridians, or energy channels, this form of water massage is the perfect marriage of the calming, potent effects of body temperature water and the relaxing, therapeutic benefits of Shiatsu.

Water is the element that brings forth life. I will take you on a journey to return you to your essence in an hour of release and rejuvenation in a Watsu® session.

Massage Therapy and Structural Integration

Imagine that the muscles in your neck are free of tension and your head floats freely above your spine. Each of your vertebrae moves independently and you glide smoothly as you walk. Your head seems to lead your spine into length and your torso is balanced perfectly over your feet. Your center of gravity is in balance. Your body, stable, free of pain, and your mind, centered and relaxed, are at peace.

On the massage table, your body can experience freedom never before felt. Manipulation of the soft tissues free you from a lifetime of habitual movement patterns that are the underlying cause of physiological dysfunction. Aligning your body so that it works with instead of against gravity is my goal.

Utilizing neuromuscular therapy and myofascial techniques, along with the relaxing and calming strokes of traditional Swedish massage, we slowly journey through the muscles and fascia, allowing for release and change. Movement is called for to realign the tissues, re-patterning to affect structural changes in the body.

As each body has its differences, the exploration and change is unique to each individual. You may design your sessions to include time in the warm pool and time on the massage table. As your body releases, your mind finds space for calmness and harmony. You are at peace.