Atlanta Bodyworks

Benefits of Aquatic Bodytherapy

Water is the most prevalent liquid in your body. While floating in a 95ºF saltwater pool, your body is allowed a weightless atmosphere for your spine and relaxes all the muscles in your body. General health is improved by calming your nervous system, relieving tension and stimulation of the lymphatic, circulatory and immune systems.
Aquatic bodywork affects the recipient on many levels: physically , the water provides uniform pressure on the body , allowing the vertebrae to be free and the organ systems to release and tonify; emotionally, the water provides nurturing and silent support, allowing the mind to be in calm awareness; psychologically, the water provides a place to be free of the constraints of pressure on the body, allowing for a sense of calm and well-being. The body, mind and spirit gradually let go, imbalances correct and heal, lending the recipient a space for peace and awareness of their body as a unified being.

The psychosomatic effects of aquatic bodywork have been used to treat chronic and acute pain, psychological trauma, heart disease, strains, sprains and muscle injuries, cancer, sleep disorders and AIDS.

Reduction of muscle tension and pain, increased flexibility and range of motion in the joints, improved circulation, reduced blood pressure, calming the nervous system, reduction of stress, and improved posture through release of the spinal column are many of the benefits that are possible in a session.

Water is the perfect media in which to soak away tension, release and relax!

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