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Bodywork and Pregnancy

Touch is necessary from the moment we are born…and enjoyed until the day we die. It conveys love, comfort, awareness and caring. Touch can also help alleviate aches and pains, especially during pregnancy.

Imagine you are the fetus, surrounded by warm water, free-floating and unencumbered. In the 95 degree pool your body knows no gravity and lets go of any muscle tightness, your spine and lower back muscles, pelvis and ankles relax, stress is reduced and there is no pressure on weight-bearing joints.

Massage in the warm water increases blood and lymph circulation, which can reduce swelling, relieve varicose veins and enhance the pliability of the skin and underlying tissues. It provides the new mother support with the physical and emotional strains of mothering as well as foster nurturing maternal touch.

On the massage table, women often experience relief from typical musculoskeletal strains associated with pregnancy. A combination of soft and deep tissue massage and passive movement techniques provide pain relief to the pelvis, lower back and other joints that are under the strain of body changes during pregnancy. Research indicates that appropriate bodywork with pregnant women promotes maternal and fetal well-being.